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About Us

About Us

The Boo Williams Summer League (BWSL) is a non-profit athletic organization designed to provide young athletes (ages 8-19) with a forum to develop and display their basketball skills and talents. The BWSL emphasizes the importance of education, sportsmanship, and teamwork. As a result, the BWSL maintains positive relations with city managers, city schools, community businesses, and nearby neighborhoods.

The program also has the privilege of uniting culturally diverse groups with the common goal of competing, learning and socializing. This helps to instill in our youth the vital developmental assets of fair play, hard work, and racial equality.

With this in mind, we would like to recognize the Hampton Roads area for their loyal support as they continue to be the driving force behind the success of the Boo Williams Summer League.

What should I expect from the program?

Participants can expect the finest coaching, competition, and exposure in the country. Rich in tradition, the BWSL plays a national schedule of games against the best teams from across the country. These events are the apex of amateur basketball and are often a must-attend for college recruiters. BWSL teams have traveled to all corners of the world including, but not limited to, Brazil, France, Ireland, and Russia.

Who plays for the BWSL?

The BWSL has provided numerous players with national recognition, scholarships, and even with the opportunity to advance to the professional ranks as well as members of the United States Olympic Team. We have had several players participate in the Olympic Festival held in Colorado Springs every year. Past performers have included J.J. Riddick, John Gilchrist, and Darren Townes.

Some great, some destined to be great, and many dedicated players who simply play for the love of the game. However, the BWSL is looking to bring athletes in to the programs who understand the level of commitment and dedication that it takes to excel both on and off the basketball court. The BWSL has been recognized with fourteen Parade All-Americans, numerous Street and Smith High School All-Americans, five National Players of the Year (one in football and four in basketball, and nine AAU National Championships. Here at the Boo Williams Summer League, we would like to congratulate all of the area high school athletic coaches who make it possible with their coaching skill to improve the level of play in the Hampton Roads area. An area of this size which has had back to back NBA number on draft choices in Joe Smith and Allen Iverson, and one Gold Medal Olympian Alonzo Mourning.

Players participate in all the major tournaments that attract the best competition and provide them the greatest exposure to NCAA college coaches. NCAA regulations prohibit college coaches from recruiting amateur athletes, except for certain times within the year. The BWSL plans their schedule to accommodate regulation.

The younger player gains experience and learn the importance of strong competition through tournament play. This experience will enhance their playing ability and prepare them for higher levels of competition.

Playing the best in competition helps raise our players’ abilities to another level. It is very important to work with all of our young players to help to develop their skills. Increased exposure is another important reason we have so many trips and tournaments. This issue is very basic. The more accessible the players are for the recruiters to see and evaluate them, the better the opportunity they have to receive a scholarship.